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My Services

Short & Sweet

60 Minutes of my undivided attention. Perfect for returning lovers to catch up, or to grab something sweet on your lunch break.

Incall: 500

Outcall: 550 + Travel


90 Minute Rendevous

A little bit more for those looking for a little bit more. Still short and sweet, but with extra time to build up some real chemistry.

Incall: 750

Outcall: 800 +Travel



2 Hour Tryst

A perfect first date. Or second. Or third. Plenty of time to dip our toes in and make waves. Lets just hope there's time enough to catch our breath.

Incall: 900

Outcall: 950 + Travel


Pink Blush

3 Hour Dine & Dash

Private time + Dinner or an equivalent outing, not necessarily in that order. I love all kinds of food, especially food I haven't tried before! Ask me some of my favorite local restaurants, or perhaps show me yours?

Incall: 1200

Outcall: 1250 + Travel


6 Hour Afternoon

All Night?

 You buy dinner and I'll cook breakfast.  Twelve hours of trouble making must include two meals (at least one of them in public), as well as some other pre-approved activities. Again, I have tons of ideas if you need a little inspiration. Cooking class? Roller disco? Yes please!

Need a few extra hours with me? Just ask!

Incall: 3100

Outcall: 3200 + Travel


Incall: 2100

Outcall: 2200 + Travel


Enough time to paint the town red! I love theater and ballet, museums and aquariums, hiking and dirt biking. Need help coming up with ideas? I have plenty! Must include at least one public meal as well as snacks and beverages to sip throughout.


I have many beautiful friends in this line of work from cities across the world. Some of whom I have done duos with already, many of whom I have not yet had the pleasure. You can make that happen!

Have someone specific in mind already? Let me know and have her (or him, or them) reach out to me!

I recommend at LEAST a 90 minute booking for duos, the rate for which is my base rate + theirs.



Desire knows no bounds. Sometimes the perfect pairing doesn't align with the distance between lovers. But we can close the gap!

I absolutely LOVE to travel and have many "wishlist" destinations. All you have to do is cover airfare along with a 50% deposit for the length of date you choose. Minimum of 6 hours for anywhere in the U.S.

I am also passport ready, but international trips will be priced on a case-by-case basis.


His & Hers

I love to entertain couples! Don't let the cutesy name deter you, this date is available to all gender pairings.

I want everyone to enjoy this very passionate experience to the fullest extent, so I prefer to talk to each person individually beforehand to discuss expectations and desires. I make an exceptional anniversary gift!

I recommend at least a 90 minute date for couples. My couple rate is 1.5 times my base rate for whatever amount of time you choose.

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