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A quick word on Screening

     Listen up my loves, because what I'm about to say is very important. My number one priority has always been and will always be safety. Mine and yours. And if the thought of giving your personal information to a verified provider scares you, then I implore you to do some more research on the risks you take when you book someone who does NOT screen. And if that doesn't change your mind, then I will respect your desire for discretion but politely request that you do not reach out to me for a booking. Do not ask if there are other ways for me to screen you (ie. Facetime, P411, etc), because I do things my way for a reason, and that reason is safety.

How do I Screen?

     My screening requirements are very simple. All I need is a selfie of you holding up an official ID with your full name and photo visible. Yup, that's it. Feel free to censor out any other sensitive information such as DL number or home address. I don't use or care about those things, I just want to put a name to a face. 
Photos can be sent to my encrypted email You can do this proactively when you fill out my booking form or after I respond to your request. Keep in mind that it will be one of the first things I ask for when I reach out, so you may as well be prepared!

Deposits and Cancellations

Once we decide on a date and time, that time is YOURS and I promise you my undivided attention. To discourage last minute cancellations I do require a small deposit when booking, typically 10% of the session rate depending on the length of session and payment method used. (Important side note about deposits using payment apps: If you must put a description in the payment, please make it say "consulting," "housekeeping," or something equally nondescript. This is for your protection as well as mine. Xoxo).

I understand that things happen that we cannot control, but if you must cancel our scheduled date, please let me know as soon as possible. If you cancel at least 24 hours prior to our date, I will put your deposit towards a date we reschedule within the next 2 weeks. If you cancel with less notice than that, I will keep the deposit and you will have to pay another deposit for a future date, if you get one. Second chances are given at my discretion, so please behave accordingly. 

If I have to cancel for ANY reason (though I promise not to for anything less than extreme, unforeseen circumstances) then I will refund your deposit or put it towards a rescheduled date. Your choice.

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