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About Me

     Bios are a little difficult for me to write because I can never just point to one or two things and say "this is what I am." The truth is that I have a curious heart that pulls me in many directions---And an insatiable appetite for adventure.
     Some of my biggest hobbies are traveling, hiking, running, painting, roller skating, and collecting sea glass from the beach. I have an absolutely HUGE collection of glass from Lake Michigan and the Gulf of Mexico. When I do travel, I also enjoy snorkeling and am newly SCUBA certified!
     Because many of the activities I enjoy are physically demanding, I try to take very good care of my body. I'm not an Instagram fitness model or anything like that, nor do I want to be, but lately I've been staying active with running longer distances, weight lifting, roller skating, and rock climbing! Food has always been my biggest mortal weakness, however. I love to eat and try new things, especially desserts!
     Currently my stats are as follows: I'm 5'5'', 175lbs, 38DDD, with a 34'' waist and 42'' hips. My feet are silky-soft eight-and-a-halfs and despite being athletic, my build is very soft and curvy rather than lean and muscular. I think the best way to describe my shape would be "bottom-heavy hourglass." I have dark brown eyes and wavy, shoulder-length red hair, currently with bangs that frame my cheeky face. I keep my fingers and toes polished and my bikini hair neatly trimmed to a medium length. My Autumn skin is speckled with beauty marks and I currently have 4 tattoos (and about a dozen more planned in my head).
     I grew up in a very rural part of Wisconsin, which instilled in me a love for nature. Pets have always been a big part of my life and, more recently, houseplants. Currently I have one retired greyhound, and two cats as well as about 30 houseplants. That number is constantly in flux though because part of figuring out how to take care of houseplants, I've learned, is to kill a lot of them.
     As far as music and art go, I'm a Jill of All Trades and a Master of None. Pre-covid I played the keyboard in a band with my friends, and I also know some guitar and electric bass. I sing often but I wouldn't call myself a "singer". I like to draw and work with acrylic paints, and I do many different crafty things like soldering and macrame, but again, I can never just pick one thing and stick with it. I'm more of a serial dabbler. I am also an avid reader, averaging about 40 books a year. Some of my favorite subjects are dystopian/horror fiction, science non-fiction, and choose-your-own-adventure novels.
     So, that's me. Or rather, some of me. Like I said, bios are difficult and I think I laid this all out rather matter-of-factly, but in person I'm actually extremely bubbly, warm, and often a little bit goofy too. I love to laugh and make others laugh with my silly jokes. I'm affectionate and genuine and always trying to satisfy this insatiable thirst for adventure.



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